Episode 230: Summer’s heating up for the ACCC and for RA-Aus vs CASA

It’s Summer Down Under and it’s been rather hot indeed, so there’s not been too much to talk about. Despite this and the melting temperatures, the boys manage to find a handful of stories to discuss.

  • The ACCC has approved the Qantas and Emirates alliance for the next five years, so QFEK it’s Emiroo time!
  • Meanwhile, the ACCC may not allow the Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways merger to go ahead due to a perceived reduction of competition and the likely creation of a duopoly environment between Virgin Australia’s collection of airlines and the Qantas Group.
  • Australia has legislated that by December 2013, ADSB-Out must be fitted to all aircraft operating in Australian airspace above FL290 (29,000′).
  • The Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) group that manages LSAs within Australia are having issues with CASA over the certification & re-registration of their aircraft, leading to thousands of aircraft being grounded due to administrative issues.

The boys are confident that the RA-Aus vs CASA topic will continue into 2013 and they also note that Bas Scheffers talks with them about this very topic at the start of the most recent PCDU episode (Ep98: Farewell 2012).

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