About The Australia Desk

The Australia Desk is a short form commentary covering airline, airport, military and other aviation news from the Australia / Pacific region. It appears as a segment on the Airplane Geeks podcast and is produced by Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast on behalf of Southern Skies Online Media.

Some segments include a separate track of “bloopers” or “out-takes” that may have occurred during recording, with some of them appearing at the end of the Airplane Geeks episode. You can access the additional content from this site as those episodes will have an additional audio player towards the end of the article. There are also categories of episodes, including:

  • Some content that’s not officially an Australia Desk but is included as “Extra Content” for you to enjoy.
  • A few of the Australia Desk segments were produced almost like radio plays with sound effects, additional voices and a conceptual theme with the news buried within them. These segments have been tagged as “Radio Plays” so you can easily find them if you want.
  • Before Steve & Grant started producing the Australia Desk, they were sending in news via emails that were read out by the Airplane Geeks hosts. These segments have been tagged as “Pre-AusDesk” entries.
  • Prior to taking a break in 2016, AusDesk segments were being released weekly with only occasional weeks being missed. When an episode had to be missed, this site records the reason as one of a series of “Skipped” entries.

For more information about the Australia Desk, contact Grant on grant@southernskiesmedia.com.au or on 0422 914 949.