Episode 229: Serge’s views on exchange pilots, the F-35 and the transition to drones

Steve’s dragged Grant out of his coffin to record an OzDesk on New Years Day and he’s less than enthused about it. Fortunately, it’s a Bits n Pieces episode on the Geeks, so the boys play an excerpt of a discussion with Serge, a former RAAF F-18 pilot.

During this excerpt, we hear Serge’s views on:

  • The benefit of the RAAF sending exchange pilots to fly with the USAF.
  • His concerns regarding the F-35’s kinematics once its stealth has been compromised.
  • How the F-22 would have been a better purchase for the RAAF.
  • The implications behind the transition to drones, especially armed ones, not to mention the eye-watering cost of operating drones as compared to manned platforms.

Serge has released his book “Fighter Pilot: Mis-Adventures Beyond the Sound Barrier with An Australian Top Gun” and you can hear our full interview with him on PCDU Episode 96: “Serge” – an Australian Top Gun.

And with that, Steve’s going to let Grant go back to his coffin, some water and a couple more electrolyte recovery drinks.

PCDU Episode 96 Cover Art

PCDU Ep96 is about Serge & his book

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