Episode 184: Rob Fyfe Resigning? Say it isn’t so!

Steve’s back from his holidays, Grant’s not on his own anymore and both of them are hanging out for tomorrow, the day when their kids go back to school! Meanwhile, change is in the air for some other folks too:

  • Rob Fyfe is stepping down as CEO of Air New Zealand (and chair of the Star Alliance network) at the end of 2012 after 7 years of hard work turning around the airline
  • New Zealand government are selling down their stake in Air New Zealand from 74% to 51% over the course of 2012
  • The Carbon Tax is being introduced in July 1 and Qantas, among others, are saying that prices will be raising from that day
  • Moody’s and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia downgrade Qantas’ stock rating, bringing forward the retirement of a few 747s

With that, Steve convinces Grant to give his mood machine one more try and whaddaya know? It’s working fine!

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