Episode 183: Alone Again…

Grant’s all on his own in the studio and there’s no sign of Steve. While he’s waiting, he’s checking out his new “mood machine,” a device that detects the ambience of its environment & plays music suitable to the moment.

Finding no solace in this, he checks the headlines:

  • The latest rumour shoots down the idea that Qantas & Malaysian Airlines are teaming up to set up a joint venture premium class airline
  • The ACCC says AirAsiaX breached consumer law by not disclosing the full price of international flights from Australia in their advertising
  • Those cracks in the A380 wings are being caused due to the use of the wrong type of alloy during their manufacture (ooops!)
  • Army Blackhawks return to the air after the problems they’d been experiencing were due to a batch of faulty bolts

With Steve still not in the studio, Grant tries the “mood machine” for a bit more then decides to make some phone calls to get help from the rest of the PCDU team.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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