Episode 185: More Cracking Issues

It’s another beautiful day in Melbourne but it’s not all sunshine & dreams for everyone:

    • Qantas have discovered hairline cracks in another A380, this time one that encountered severe turbulence over India. As per the EASA directive, Qantas have been inspecting all their aircraft to find which ones have the cracks so far
    • Etihad are finally starting to turn a profit & are very happy with the revenue coming in from their alliance with Virgin Australia
  • David Closter, a Virgin Australia pilot, is taking them to court due to injuries he sustained lifting & carry a very heavy flight bag around
  • Tazer found in the overhead locker on a Virgin Australia aircraft
  • Body scanners are being introduced in Australia although these are different to those in the USA as they show stick figures and use a different section of the emission spectrum
  • Alan Joyce claims at the Senate Enquiry into Qantas that if Qantas cannot restructure as they want, it will put the airline at risk of being shutdown
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