Episode 155: Tiger’s grounding continues and the carbon tax is on us

The boys couldn’t synchonise their schedules, so they’ve recorded their own separate parts that Steve’s managed to merge into a single desk episode.

Grant talks about Tiger Airways continuing to be grounded and unlikely to be flying again before August 1st as scapegoats are sought within the company and the ACCC is upset with them selling tickets when the grounding hasn’t officially been lifted. Also, it turns out that a contributing factor to the altitude busts on approach to Melbourne was that the onboard dataset had an incorrect minimum altitude value of 2,000′ as opposed to the 2,500′ shown on the charts. Naturally, airfares are going out without Tiger giving some price competition to the others.

Steve is less than enthused with the introduction of a Carbon Tax which will apply to various forms of fuel, including aviation fuel for domestic use but not for international flights. Ummm, what? Suffice to say, the airlines (along with most other businesses in Australia) have indicated that they do not have the capacity to absorb this extra cost so it will be getting passed on to customers.

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