Episode 154: Tiger Airways is grounded!

It’s the 100th episode of the Australia Desk but the guys can’t afford to celebrate as Steve’s sunk all their funds into Tiger Airways which means they have nothing now Tiger are grounded. DOH!

The boys discuss the issues that have contributed to the grounding, the way it has wound up as a public relations disaster for Tiger and the fact that the grounding has happened right at the start of the Victorian school holidays. This is the first time a whole airline has been grounded in Australia so it’s going to be news for a while.

To wrap the show, we’re able to confirm that, thanks to Jetride.com.au and Pracy Racing who have donated our flights across the Pacific & back, we’re going to be at Oshkosh this year. Of course, we still need to be able to cover food, accommodation and all that, but the hardest part is now covered! Huzzah!

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