Episode 146: Rebranding your Virgin almost holds off Steve’s L-39 ride

Steve & Grant haven’t been up to much this week but there’s plenty to say about Virgin Blue, erm, that’s Virgin Australia now!

  • Virgin Blue has renamed itself to Virgin Australia following serious negotiations with Richard Branson and Singapore Airlines.
  • It’s likely that V Australia and Pacific Blue will soon be merged into the Virgin Australia brand.
  • It’s a total re-branding and Steve notes the similarity their new livery to Qantas’ red & white, although some out there are calling it Virgin Bland.
  • John Borghetti is setting up a big push to go after the domestic business market with an initial goal of increasing their share to 25%.
  • Qantas are putting 747s on some East Coast to Perth routes to compete against Virgin Australia’s A330s.
  • Richard Branson says he’s very happy with John Borghetti’s work as the new CEO.
  • Tiger Airways are trying to recruit local oversight staff & have released their new customer service component of their website.

As we wrap the episode, Steve brings up the subject of his L-39 ride this week with Jetride Australia and even plays some in-flight audio, which gets Grant so upset that he storms out of the studio!

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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