Episode 133: Hunting Virgin Blue’s missing profit margin

Grant is out in the boonies looking for the Virgin Blue’s missing profit margin but still can’t find it. Actually, he’s out flying hot air balloons but he’s still able to call in and join Steve in reviewing a few Down Under aviation news stories.

  • Air New Zealand has been buying shares in Virgin Blue as they’re seeking to increase their share holder voting power.
  • A Qantas 737-400 experienced a de-pressurisation issue while flying from Adelaide to Melbourne which lead to no injuries but a rather large amount of very poor reporting in the mainstream media, especially from Channel 9 who managed to introduce a new word to our vocabularies: Decompressurisation.
  • Sticking with Qantas, one of their 747-400s had to return to Bangkok due to excessively high fuel utilisation on one of its engines.
  • Finally, Garuda’s IPO hasn’t brought in the funds they were expecting so they’ve had to restructure it.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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