Episode 134: Fuel surcharges and Qantas code sharing with themselves?

Steve’s moved the studio into a submarine due to the floods but the boys are still able to talk about some news topics.

  • We remind the Geeks that way back in episode 100 we noted that Jetstar were trialling iPads for IFE so this latest news out of the USA isn’t that revolutionary.
  • Qantas, Virgin Blue and a few other Australian airlines are using fuel surcharges to ensure they earn enough to not go under as fuel prices keep going up & up.
  • Meanwhile, Jetstar hasn’t introduced fuel surcharges but are instead increasing fares and bag handling fees to accommodate the increased costs.
  • Qantas are going to code share with Jetstar Asia … um, what? They’re also talking about being in trouble in the international market. Are we almost at the point where we’ll see a Jetstar A380?
  • John Borghetti slips up and speaks about Qantas instead of Virgin Blue during a media session.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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