Episode 132: Air New Zealand buying Virgin Blue Shares and there’s a Balloon in the Bay

There’s some interesting news items this week but also one that Grant was somewhat involved with…

  • Air New Zealand is buying up to 14.9% of Virgin Blue’s shares which has some wondering if they’re trying to get more control and a few remembering how Air New Zealand purchased Ansett before it went under.
  • Air New Zealand have said that by getting more involvment in Virgin Blue, they provide more challenge to Qantas.
  • The RAAF been having some mechanical issues with their Boeing Business Jets which have caused a few diversions yet the media haven’t been making a big deal out of it, even though Qantas are involved as Qantas Defence Services own & maintain the aircraft.
  • A hot air balloon has wound up in the bay off Melbourne and had to be rescued by the water police.
  • A KC-30A was performing a test refuel over Spain when the boom fell off the aircraft. Ooops…

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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