Episode 131: Doing Aviation Application Research for the Geeks

Grant’s Android based application aviation research involves playing Air Controller to help the Geeks with their assessment of aviation applications for pilots. Meanwhile, Steve assures us that he’s not doing the same with Angry Birds… No, really…

In the news this week:

  • Devestating floods in Queensland have destroyed a number of aircraft and even a couple of hot air balloons that were stored in a shed on their trailers.
  • The Australian Defence Force are using their aircraft, helicopters and amphibious vehicles to bring in supplies and rescue stranded people.
  • Virgin Blue has established an alliance with SkyWest in Perth so they can fly the turboprops Virgin Blue are buying which will either by ATRs or Dash-8s.
  • Qantas have brought into Network, also in Western Australia, to provide regional services for them.
  • Virgin Blue are trying to let their E170s go as they haven’t worked as well as the E190s.
  • The Wilkins Blue Ice Runway in Antarctica can’t be used due to the temperature being above 5 degrees, preventing SkyTraders from using their A319 to take scientists to & from the ice.
  • A pair of Grumman Mallards will be flying from Darwin to Rathmines for the Catalina festival.
  • Virgin Blue have been fined $110,000 by the Australian Communications Media Authority for spamming people.
  • Virgin Atlantic are now code sharing with Air New Zealand.

We wrap the episode with an announcement that Grant & Kitt are now engaged with the wedding scheduled for February 2012.

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