Episode 125: A380 flying, aviation in the media spotlight and the F-111 Media Day

Well, it’s Happy Turkey day for our American friends but we don’t celebrate that one down here. Maybe it’s because we’re thankful every day to be here in Australia?

  • Four of Qantas’ A380s have had their Trent 9000s swapped for ones confirmed to not have their oil line fault.
  • Alan Joyce has received praise for his handling of the A380 grounding but the media spotlight is still on the airlines with minor issues that wouldn’t get a mention now appearing on the front page, including a Qantas 747-400 engine fault, a 717 hit by lightning and a birdstrike in Johannesburg while even Jetstar and Virgin Blue issues are getting airtime and column inches.
  • A Jetstar pilot has gone public with concerns about Singapore based pilots being paid less than they should be so he’s been fired for violating his contract.
  • AirAsia are going to fly from Darwin to Bali in competition with Jetstar.
  • A new liquids scanner is being trialled in Sydney airport.

The boys wrap up the segment with an interview they recorded with WGCDR Terry Deeth while attending the RAAF’s F-111 Media Day at Amberley.

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