Episode 124: Jetstar vs the Volcano

It’s been a cracker day for a BBQ with Moorabbin Flight Services and our friends from Downwind but the boys are back in the studio to record this segment.

  • Qantas’ A380s are still grounded and Singapore Airlines have grounded theirs too as Rolls Royce confirms the fault in their Trent 900 engines. Hopefully the two new A380s Qantas is going to receive have the upgraded Trent 900s that have had the fault rectified.
  • A Qantas 747-400ER experienced smoke in the cockpit and had to return to Sydney.
  • Not long after announcing they had naming rights sponsorship for the Melbourne Grand Prix, Qantas have lost sponsorship of the AFL to Virgin Blue.
  • Mount Merapi near Yogyakarta in Indonesia has been belching ash clouds for the past few weeks with aircraft changing routes and flying at lower altitudes, which has lead to a Jetstar flight diverting to Darwin to refuel.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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