Episode 297: Badgerys Creek is Back

The boys are back in the studio and wishing they could be back flying again like they were for last week’s AusDesk. Meanwhile, they missed out on a bit of important news from last week:

The Federal Government have announced that Badgerys Creek will definitely be the site for Sydney’s second airport & work is to begin immediately. Of course, we may have skipped over it because we’ve heard it all before.

The story of Sydney’s second airport has been going since 1969 and Badgerys Creek has been in the running as a possible site since the beginning. It was the final choice in 1986 with sod turned in 1992 and a target operational date of 1995. Work stalled and the project was halted with Badgerys Creek becoming a hot potato for multiple governments until now.

The boys also chat about the hijacking that wasn’t: a Virgin Australia 737 squawks 7500 as it neared Bali but it turns out it was a disoriented passenger banging on the cockpit door thinking it was the toilet. Ooops :)

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can listen to via the player below:

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