Episode 296: Intercom Chats

Just for a bit of a change of style, Steve & ATC Ben recorded most of this Australia Desk segment while flying a Cirrus SR20 from Essendon Airport (YMEN) in Melbourne to Temora (YTEM) on a day trip to the RA-Aus NatFly event. In addition to chatting about the flight, they also discuss the dreaded “user fees” and costs of flying here in Australia, along with the recent news that Avalon Airport (YMAV) were going to reduce their landing fees for GA aircraft at certain times.

Meanwhile, about the same time that Steve & ATC Ben were heading to Temora, Grant was flying a hot air balloon over Leeton, about 50 nautical miles south west of Temora. He had a very quick chat with his two passengers about the experience then handed control back to the Cirrus.

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