Episode 240: It’s airports, runways, lounges and Avalon

It’s St Patrick’s Day so the boys are doing Ireland a favour by not discussing Alan Joyce. Instead, they talk about the Wagner family who are building a 747 capable airport at Wellcamp near Toowoomba to help support fly-in / fly-out operations and freight transport in the area. This will be interesting given the proximity of the Army air base at Oakey, Brisbane far to the East and Toowoomba just next door.

They’re also saying they’ll get it done faster than Brisbane airport can get their new parallel runway created, which isn’t surprising given the various studies, stakeholder groups and plans that are required to get that built.

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia now has a lounge at Canberra airport which helps support their efforts to attract more government and corporate travellers.

Finally, the Australian International Airshow (aka Avalon) has released their official numbers which are showing that attendance numbers were down but companies displaying were up. Steve notes that military display teams were down, the Army weren’t there and even Boeing wasn’t really there. Austerity measures may not just be happening in the USA, it would appear.

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