Episode 238: Avalon 2013’s a wrap, so lets talk Air Lift Group media fun

The boys have spent the week at Avalon 2013 and are recording this OzDesk segment at the end of Day 6, the last day of the show. They’re rather exhausted, somewhat deaf and a bit sunburnt so it must have been an awesome airshow indeed. They’re joined by Eamon Hamilton from the Public Affairs team in the RAAF’s Air Lift Group. Eamon’s the one who helped get Steve his KC-30A and C-130H media flights so Steve’s very happy to catch up with him once again.

Eamon talks about the various Air Lift Group media events that have occurred as part of the air show, including the C-130J that had inoperable flares so couldn’t do the night show (DOH! :( ) and the announcement of KC-30A fleet being awarded their Initial Operational Capability (IOC) followed by a media flight with in-flight refuelling underway. The boys also discuss with Eamon the capability of the aircraft and how it seems that crews are yusing its weight & balance situation as a convenient excuse to keep us plebs away from the business class seats up front.

There’s also talk about the Super Hornets, AP-3C Orion and C-17s present at the show along with a reference to Eamon’s cameo in the bloopers at the very end of PCDU’s Avalon 2013 Day 3 Round Up video. Watch to the very end for a spot of Airplane (aka Flying High) amusement.

We wrap the segment with a discussion of the F-22 demo that we’ve seen and play an excerpt from our chat with the demo pilot who describes how the display is presented, including manouvers, airspeeds and so on.

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