Episode 236: ATC Ben explains that not all ATMs are cash machines

The boys are busy getting ready for the Avalon International Airshow 2013 so they quickly skim through some news items before it’s time to talk about the hot new ATM topic:

  • Qantas tells the ACCC what to do with their concerns on the proposed alliance with Emirates.
  • The RAAF’s BAe Hawks return to the air.
  • Finnair has decided to fly to Australia again.
  • Garuda Indonesia introduces flights between Jakarta and Perth.

ATC Ben then joins the boys to talk about Lockheed Martin submitting their Skyline Enterprise platform to meet Australia’s requirement for a new Air Traffic Management system that provides a combined system for both Airservices Australia and the RAAF, allowing the civilian and military operators to exchange data and manage the same airspace. Whatever the future solution is, it must be compatible with our current radar systems, ADSB and future systems currently being considered.

We look at the current civilian system, The Australian Advanced Air Traffic System (TAATS), which is a localised variant of the EuroCAT system and the RAAF’s Australian Defence Air Traffic System (ADATS). ATC Ben also gives us some insights into the different types of information the military require as opposed to civilian operations.

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