Episode 235: Grant’s unwell but is back in Oz & discussing the news

Grant’s back from Malaysia but has been wiped out but some lurgi that he picked up during his travels. Despite this, the boys managed to discuss a lot of news items:

  • The ACCC is concerned with Tiger Airways being purchased by Virgin Australia, leading to a duopoly with Qantas & Jetstar.
  • Steve & Grant want to set up their own airline, but maybe they should just back Thromby Air.
  • Qantas are continuing with 787 Dreamliner purchase due to fuel efficiency, despite the safety issues with their batteries.
  • Cathay Pacific and Garuda are increasing their Hong Kong flights to Europe to pick up Australians as Qantas pulls back on their Asian & Kangaroo Route flights.
  • British Airways may be in a snit with Qantas due to Qantas’ alliance with Emirates.
  • Air Pacific are rebranding to Fiji Airways and are looking for a new CEO.
  • Aviation Australia in Brisbane are expending to Malaysia to perform training for Air Asia engineering students.
  • The RAAF marks 10 years of C-130 operations in the MEAO despite being down to only 12 airframes.

We also have a blooper for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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