Episode 204: Max’s Favourite Australian

It’s “Carbon Tax Sunday” and Grant’s out in the cold empty rural lands near Mildura so we bring Anthony “The Voice” Simmons (Max Flight’s favourite Australian) to help with the news discussions. Once Grant’s given us an update on the balloon flying he’s doing out there, we discuss:

  • Tiger’s just passed the first anniversary of their grounding by CASA – yes, it’s been a whole year! They’re opening new routes and also offering more discounted fares, despite having previously said they’d focus on other ways to entice passengers on board.
  • We compare Ryan Air to flights on Tiger Airways and talk about Tiger’s claimed improvements that will hopefully help boost their share of the market.
  • Qantas have experienced major check-in delays today following a crash of the Amadeus system.
  • We discuss Qantas’ use of Twitter to keep people informed about the crash & delays
  • Air Pacific (the Flying Fruit Tingle) have actually returned a profit at the end of the last financial year
  • We then wrap it up by discussing who’s our favourite American

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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