Episode 203: Qantas crying “Wolf” in Jetstar’s clothing

We’re very impressed with Episode 202 last week as the Geeks got to hang out with the amazing collection of aircraft at the Udvar-Hazy Centre. Not only was it a great episode but we also have to give a big shout out to Tim Bell from Australia who made the effort to catch up with the Geeks & give them some Fruit Tingles :)

Meanwhile, we go through the following topics:

  • The South Australian government is trying to get back $2.25 million of government grants they gave to Tiger to help it set up its Adelaide base (that was subsequently shut down & isn’t being reopened)
  • The Australian government are sending 30 Bomber Command veterans to the UK for the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial but they’re also sending 70 others in an unofficial (but funded) party
  • Alan Joyce has been in Canberra telling politicians that Etihad’s purchase of a stake in Virgin Australia may make Qantas go under, but is he just crying “Wolf”??
  • Meanwhile, Alan Joyce has started his year as chairman of IATA
  • Qantas has started reconfiguring their A380s with more economy seats, fewer business class seats and the removal of a toilet and a self-service snack bar. Total capacity is around 480 people, up from 450.
  • Hawaiian airlines starting B767-300 flights into Brisbane
  • Virgin Australia starts code-sharing on Virgin America flights
  • Christopher Luxon named as Rob Fyfe’s successor at Air New Zealand
  • Kaman are talking to the New Zealand Navy about buying more SH-2G Super Seasprites

To wrap things up we mention our connection to the Avanti II mentioning our in-cockpit video that Grant recorded during Avalon 2011 with the Avanti Chief Test Pilot.

You can also check out our segement collections at the new Australia Desk website (www.australiadesk.net) and the Flying Down Under website (www.flyingdownunder.com).

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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