Episode 195: GA Allowed at Avalon Airport for a fee, a LOT of fees!

The boys are back again after skipping last week’s Australia Desk due to health & work issues (no really, it wasn’t alcohol related at all!). So, after all that rest, they’re ready to dive back into the topics, including:

  • Tiger drops its super-low-cost $1 fares (plus fees & taxes, of course) and is looking towards better use of technology to win more customers
  • The Federal Government introduces a National Airline Customer Advocate
  • Avalon Airport near Melbourne in Victoria is to allow greater GA utilisation … but check out those user fees (Grant recorded the sound of an aircraft landing at Avalon to prove it!)
  • Virgin Australia shows off its latest A330s with very sexy interiors
  • The Federal Government refuses to fully fund a trip for the 70 remaining veterans of Bomber Command in World War 2 to attend the opening of the official memorial in London (yet the Kiwi’s are sending all 55 of their veterans)
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