Episode 196: Wings Over Illawarra 2012

Steve, Grant and Allan have made the long haul up to the Wings Over Illawarra 2012 airshow where the weather is beautiful, the aircraft amazing and the caffeine is flowing after driving over 800km to get there. Despite the helicopters bumping rides next to the hangar, the show must go on and the following topics are discussed:

  • CASA grounds yet another animal named airline as Alligator Airways is blocked from running their scenic & charter flights in the north
  • Qantas are considering laying off 400 maintenance workers in Melbourne
  • Qantas are also delaying the delivery of two A380s to defer some costs but are increasing domestic capacity, primarily to fight off Virgin Australia
  • Word is that the Australian government has decided to push back to 2014 before they will make a decision on when to purchase their next group of 12 F35s (& maybe buy more F18F Super Hornets to help bridge the gap?)

After all this, it’s time for the crew to get back to the airshow as they have lots of content to record for the next episode of Plane Crazy Down Under.

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