Episode 182: Cracks appearing and the Canton Route

It’s Sunday and there’s work to do outside so the guys are going to try get through the news quickly… Yeah, right, as if…

  • More A380 cracking issues for Qantas to keep an eye on and these ones are different to those previously reported on.
  • Australian Army grounds Blackhawk fleet as a precautionary measure due to fractures being found in some bolts in the aircraft.
  • China Southern establishes the “Canton Route” covering Sydney to London via Guangzhou, a play on the “Kangaroo Route” that Qantas runs to London via Singapore or Hong Kong.
  • Air Asia X announces extra services to Sydney which has Qantas concerned despite Air Asia X and Jetstar being “friends.”
  • Virgin Australia add A330s to the Melbourne – Sydney route to accommodate demand within their available slots at Sydney.
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