Episode 158: Of studios & speaker phones, it’s an “interesting” Desk to be sure!

Grant’s sitting with Rob in his studio and chatting with the Geeks when Steve dials in via speaker phone to help discuss the aviation news from Down Under.

  • CASA has issued a list of items that Tiger Airways must address before they can allowed to carry passengers again.
  • CASA has also launched a review of GA regulations but the boys are dubious that it will lead to any tangible improvements.
  • GippsAero have announced that a Rolls Royce turbine will power their new GA-10 aircraft.
  • Meanwhile, GippsAero are also looking to make a new version of the GAF Nomad as the GA-18.
  • Qantas pilots have started making PAs about being “real Qantas pilots” as opposed to those employed by other companies, such as JetConnect.
  • The Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) have been exercising with RAAF F-18s both in Australia and over in Japan.
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