Episode 148: An ejection, Qantas woes and Grant jumps off his soapbox

The boys are recording early as Steve’s going to visit family on the weekend and needs to have this one sorted before he leaves.

  • A RAAF PC-9 trainer (A23-039) has crashed near RAAF Base East Sale here in Victoria with both pilots ejecting safely. This is the third ejection from a PC-9 in Australia since they first went into service in November 1987.
  • The interim report on the Qantas A380 catastrophic engine loss (VH-OQA “Nancy Bird Walton” operating QF32) states that it was due to a poorly manufactured oil feed line failing in the Rolls Royce engine. Rolls Royce are now checking all such engines to determine if any others have the same faulty oil line.
  • Following QF32, Qantas now under the media’s microscope with every little issue being reported as a major concern.
  • Qantas management are going harder with the pilots’ and engineers’ unions, all while they’re busy setting up foreign pilot bases & outsourcing to foreign maintenance operations.

We wrap the episode with Grant looking at how he can get down off his soapbox while Steve reminds everyone that we’ll be at the Udvar Hazy centre virtually if not in person, thanks to our friends at the Flight Time Radio Show.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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