Episode 128: Cheeky Christmas Gifts for the Geeks from the Boys Down Under

The boys are at a factory in China to check out the Christmas presents they’ve had made for the Geeks. Despite some shennanigans with the gifts, they manage to reference the following aviation news items from Down Under:

  • Qantas have received their 7th A380 with the 8th being delayed.
  • Singapore Airlines are getting annoyed with Rolls Royce as they too are experiencing engine issues on their A380s.
  • ACCC has approved Virgin Blue’s alliances with Air New Zealand and Etihad but aren’t joining SkyTeam, yet.
  • Air New Zealand’s new 787s are delayed even further.
  • A pair of Convair 580 water bombers are in Ballarat for fire season.
  • Jetstar are flying direct to Melbourne from their new Singapore base.

Sadly, it appears that Grant’s cunning plan to solve their problem with the run-away gifts may also make it very difficult for them to get out alive. Will they and the OzDesk ever be back?

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