Episode 119: Pacific Peso Parity

Now that the Australian dollar has finally returned to parity with the US dollar (for the first time in decades), Grant has had to drag Steve away from hunting microphones on eBay to record the AusDesk. This episode we cover the following news:

  • US DOT is blocking the Delta-V alliances may go against the US <-> Australia Open Skies agreement
  • Wellington airport is not happy with the proposed Virgin Blue & Air New Zealand trans-Tasman alliance, saying it will reduce competition
  • Jetstar in alliances with American Airlines to carry their passengers within New Zealand
  • A crazy guy smashed his car into a barrier at Adelaide Airport then ran out onto the tarmac where he was arrested by police
  • The RAAF’s third MRTT/KC-30 tanker has taken off to start it’s testing from Boeing Australia’s facility where it was being modified from a “green” A330
  • Australia’s Department of Defence has the MRTT/KC-30 on their “Projects of Concern” watch list along with the Wedgetail AEW&C aircraft & other projects that are running late and/or going over budget

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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