Episode 118: It’s almost but not quite all about Qantas

Now that we’ve recovered from the transition to Daylight Saving Time, Steve is making the most of it including going out to watch some RC aircraft. Of course the good weather means Grant’s been out crewing a lot so he’s running pretty tired but we won’t let that get in the way of a good Australia Desk segment:

  • Virgin Blue have switched back to their primary computer system and now the fun really starts as Navitaire & Accenture management meet with an unhappy John Borghetti
  • Alan Joyce (CEO of Qantas) is again pushing for open borders between Australia & New Zealand
  • A man on a Qantas flight to Hong Kong made some death threats to other passengers and then threatened to blow up the aircraft
  • Qantas are introducing bag charges and other fees to frequent flyers
  • Public perception of Qantas’ safety record has improved
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