Episode 67: Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief in the Pacific

The boys are celebrating with a screaming mass of people because Australia’s population just exceeded 22 million. So, in a country that’s almost as big as the USA there’s still lots of space for them (if only it weren’t all desert…).

  • The RAAF, RNZAF and Air New Zealand have been providing relief assistance following earthquakes in Sumatra and a tsunami in Samoa.
  • Australia and New Zealand are discussing a trans-Tasman partnership for a rapid reaction force to help provide humanitarian and disaster response services for the Pacific area.
  • RAAF’s KC-30As will have an 18 month delay and won’t commence in service until mid-2010 as the first aircraft is required to support testing & validation flights back in Spain.
  • Qantas is being criticised for using foreign butter on its aircraft.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to support Matt Hall as he’s about to race once again this weekend!

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