Episode 732: Fatal helicopter collision and Bonza’s still awaiting their AOC

Wow, it’s 2023 and the boys are back so hopefully they can get a few extra episodes into the feed this year. Meanwhile, Grant’s been loading historical OzDesk segments into the Australia Desk website and hopes to get the full backlog loaded soon.

The big news at present is the fatal collision of two tourist helicopters from the Sea World marine park on the Gold Coast in Australia. It was rather horrific and amazing that any people survived at all. Spectator and on-board videos have been released but the guys are waiting for the ATSB to issue their preliminary report.

On the Airline front, Bonza, Australia’s latest start-up, is still saying they’ll be charging passengers fares based on a rate of $50 per hour despite the fuel price going up significantly since they first announced the rate. Meanwhile, they still haven’t received their Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) despite working on it for well over a year, but rumours are running that it’s just been issued. Grant reached out to Bonza to see if this could be confirmed and received the following from CEO Tim Jordan:

“We remain focussed on the final stages of the regulatory process and look forward to sharing an update as soon as it’s right to do so.”

Hmmmm. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

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