Episode 614: The last Qantas 747 has left the party

Despite the best efforts of COVID to turn Victoria into Sick-toria (the infectious state) and Melbourne being locked down like East Berlin, the boys have managed to get another Oz Desk produced for Max to (hopefully :) ) allow into the show :)

  • Yet another crew have used their flight path to draw in the sky and this time it’s the the last Qantas 747 being flown to the USA for storage at Victorville. After plenty of secret planning & sim sessions, VH-OEJ departed Sydney airport with only cargo on board, did two passes along the harbour and then flew over the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society’s Albion Park site (where Qantas’ first 747-400 VH-OJA is on display) before turning for LAX. It then proceeded to draw a giant flying-kangaroo in the sky, taking 90 minutes to do so.
  • Moorabbin airport has started evicting aviation businesses in order to make more room for non-aviation commercial developments. While this work was included in Moorabbin Airport Corporation’s master plan back in 2015, it’s hitting doubly hard due to the businesses being impacted by COVID-19.
Steve & Grant recording

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