Episode 382: So long & thanks for all the laughs

Once again it’s Qantas all the way but this time our friend Richard Muirden was on board the first Qantas flight to San Francisco since 2011 :)

CASA goes for awareness rather than registration for drones.

To wrap things up, we have sad news: It’s taken some thinking and some angst but Steve & Grant have decided it’s time to pull back from the Australia Desk and take a break. While the regular weekly (or at least, mostly weekly :) ) episodes are going on hold, they’ll no doubt be back here & there if super important news from down under needs to be mentioned.

For now it’s so long and thanks for all the laughs as the boys sign out & take a well earned break. It’s Summer, it’s Christmas so it’s time to fire up the barbie and go hang out at the beach. Thanks to everyone for all the fun and who knows, we may be back before you know it :)

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