Episode 378: Ice ice baby!

Big news this week as the RAAF lands one of their C17s on the Wilkins ice runway in Antarctica.

The RAAF may also be looking at a new, bigger VIP aircraft as our Prime Minister needs a bigger executive jet to take his entourage with him on longer summit missions.

Despite the PM considering a bigger jet, mining magnate & politician Clive Palmer is trying to offload his lovely Citation X as well as his MD80s that have been sitting around for a while. Ooops, guess the mining boom is indeed coming to an end.

Meanwhile, shifting over to Steve’s favourite airline: TigerAir’s first 737 has been seen in the wild (as opposed to their usual A320s). These aircraft will be operated to Bali by Virgin Australia tech crew (TigerAir’s owner) but with TigerAir cabin crew & a 1-class seating layout (some might say “no class” but we digress…).

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