Episode 375: Angels Passing Gas

Steve’s had a good time being Em-Cee at the OzRunways fundraiser for Angel Flight with Matt Hall in the Regal Air hangar at Bankstown in Sydney but now it’s back to work and producing the OzDesk.

In the news today, CASA says it’ll listen to industry yet also says that it’s losing money which is rather odd for a government department.

Over in the Military world, a RAAF KC30A has refuelled a RAAF E7A Wedgetail during operations over the Middle East Region. This is the same E7A that has been given some rather interesting WW2 style nose art with Simpsons references.

Finally, Tracey Curtis-Taylor is on her way from the UK to Sydney, Australia in a Boeing Stearman. She’s currently transiting the Middle East and you can track her progress on her Bird in a Biplane website.

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