Episode 344: Charges? Charges? We don’t need no steenkin Charges!

Grant’s getting on his soapbox once again as it seems that CASA are proposing to increase their rates yet many of us think they should first improve their processes and provide safety cases for the services they provide. Sadly, given they’re a government department (and thus a monopoly with no competition), they have no incentive to improve.

On a calmer note, we have a new RAAF DCAF (Deputy Commander Air Force) as Air Commodore Warren McDonald CSC, the current head of the Air Mobility Group, is promoted to Air Vice Marshal to fill AVM Leo Davies’ shoes as he moves from the role of DCAF to CAF, replacing Air Marshal Geoff Brown.

No doubt one of the people that CAF & DCAF will be meeting with is HRH Prince Harry (aka “Captain Wales”) who is visiting Australia to spend a month with the Australian Army in various locations about the country, including Sydney based 6th Aviation Regiment.

Finally, Steve & Grant will be providing airshow commentary at the Barossa Airshow near Adelaide on Sunday so come on out & enjoy a great show if you’re in the area.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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