Episode 341: Grand Prix handling displays are better than the cars :)

Grant’s back from the Canberra Balloon Spectacular where he’s had a blast playing with balloons including one that’s basically a chair lift hung under a balloon envelope. Woo hoo :)

Meanwhile, Melbourne has hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix but it seems that Team Red Bull aren’t happy with F1 in general. Hey, maybe they’ll put money into more aviation events?

At least the F/A-18 handling display & Roulette formation aerobatics team were fun and the Qantas 747 handling display by VH-OEH was pretty awesome.

Speaking of Qantas, it seems they were the subject of the latest Facebook scam with plenty of people being suckered in by it.

Finally, Australia & NZ are sending relief flights to Vanuatu after the island was hit hard by Tropical Cyclone Pam. Flights have included C17 loads of emergency supplies and C130Js with recovery teams.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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