Episode 277: Who Owns Qantas and the Psychology of AvGeeks

PCDU crew members ATC Ben and Steven Pam join Steve and Grant this week.  The Qantas vs. Virgin Australia foreign ownership row dominated the local aviation headlines again this week with Australia’s Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, publically floating the concept of changes to the Qantas Sale Act (1992) which would permit foreign investors to acquire greater percentages of the airline’s stock.  Grant and Ben share their thoughts on how this might work, were it allowed to happen.

Steven Pam is PCDU’s chief photo and video guy who does an amazing job of making the team look good on the big (and small) screen. He’s also a professional photographer and videographer with extensive experience in the corporate and local TV industry….and he has a plan which needs your support!

Steven is planning to travel to Oshkosh in 2014 to film a documentary that focuses on the psyche of people like us – AvGeeks! What is it that draws people to this wonderful niche? And how do we explain it to people who are not? Airheads will explore this issues and more, but it needs support. This week, Steven explains how he’s set up a fund at KickStarter to crowd source the finance.

See Steven’s work at stevenpam.com.au and the documentary at airheadsdocumentary.com.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can listen to via the player below:

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