Episode 224: Sydney Airport’s political hot potato could go well with a Wings & Thighs episode

The Geeks are doing a special “Bits & Pieces” episode which is being called “Wings & Thighs” due to Thanksgiving so the boys are going to sneak in a half hour long episode!

The topic of a second airliner airport for Sydney is a bit of a hot potato in politics at the moment and Ross Greenwood, the presenter of the “Money News” on radio 2GB in Sydney, interviewed Max Moore-Wilton, chairman of Sydney Airports Corporation, about the topic. Suffice to say, Max was less than enthused with the prospect of competition and noted that the solution to supporting more traffic in Sydney is to remove the political movement cap and allow more use of the East/West crossing runway. Funny that.

Ross’ next interview is with Stephen Byron, MD of Canberra airport, who thinks Canberra could be Sydney’s second airport if a high-speed train line was installed between them. Of course, that all depends on Canberra keeping its curfew free operations which would be in jeopardy if the NSW government has their way in building a new housing division on land to the south of the Airport.

What is it with these crazy politicians?

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