Episode 211: A Shorter AusDesk? What a Challenge!

The boys are ready to do their longest ever AusDesk segment with stacks of great news stories but Pieter Johnson throws down a challenge to see who can do the shortest segment. With that, Steve trims the story list and we’re left with:

  • GippsAero sign deal with Soloy Aviation to assemble the GA8 Airvan in the USA
  • 8 of the ex-RNZAF A4K Skyhawks are being sold to Draken International for use in aggressor training
  • Indonesia are considering purchase of 6 C130Hs in addition to the 4 that Australia donating to them
  • Back scatter body scanners are being deployed in Australia but they use different frequencies & display people as stick figures (the guys still think it’s security theatre)

So Pieter, how did we go? Was our segment shorter than yours? :)

Be sure to check out the out-takes via the player below for Grant’s method for getting all the stories covered in a super-short time.

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