Episode 208: Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

While Steve & Grant are often accused of making statistics up on the spot (like 28.2% of all statistics), this week it appears that Dan Webb is not the only one who can crunch the numbers!

  • Both Qantas & Virgin are both claiming to be the best ‘on-time airline’ using the same set of BITRE statistics (although neither of them make much of the statistics showing Tiger were the best of all for June)
  • LTQ Engineering, an engine overhaul company owned 50/50 by Lufthansa Technik AG & Qantas, is closing with management citing a decline in demand for overhaul services
  • Qantas & Emirates are reported to be in discussions for an alignment or code-sharing (yet the market is reacting as if Emirates are going to invest in them???)
  • John Borghetti is not too worried about a price war with Qantas
  • The RAAF’s fleet of BAe Hawks have hit a combined total of 75,000 hours of flying
  • The Indonesians have come to Australia with their Su-27 & Su-30 Flankers to join in Exercise Pitch Black 12 being held over July & August in the northern end of the country
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