Episode 187: Pageants, downsizing, Spartans & Red 5 standing by

Grant’s picked up some sunburn after spending the day playing with aircraft & recording content at the RAAF Air Pageant at RAAF Base Pt Cook while Steve got close while driving a train near Pt Cook on the way to Werribee.

  • Air New Zealand acknowledges profits are sliding and is going to have to let 441 jobs go by the end of June
  • Virgin Australia reporting increased profits, partly thanks to the Qantas grounding in November
  • Air New Zealand are firming options on their 787-9’s while Qantas confirms their 787 delivery dates have been pushed back due to delays at Boeing (which we all knew was happening but were waiting for Qantas to acknowledge)
  • The RAAF may have to delay their purchase of the C27J Spartan (aka the barrel rolling ‘baby Herc’) thanks to the USAF having to slash their defence spending & cutting back their C27J purchases – it’s possible this may push the decision towards the Airbus C295

Kudos to Dave Allen for leaving the Incom T65 with R2D2 and coming on the Airplane Geeks. It’s nice to have another person from Melbourne on the show, even if he does pronounce it strangely :)

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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