Episode168: Qantas dispute with their unions gets nasty

Steve has to convince Grant to stop talking about hot air balloons after last week’s Grill the Geeks question. It takes a bit but he finally gets the message and the boys get on with the latest aviation news from Down Under.

  • The Qantas vs unions issues are getting nastier with some senior management being threatened, a car window being broken and reports of Alan Joyce, the CEO, even getting a death threat, although some are claiming it’s all made up while most of us are asking why they’re even making it public.
  • For a company that takes out advertisements complaining about their own staff and claims their international operations are losing money, Qantas have confirmed a rather large Airbus A320 order, most of which will be NEOs and the bulk of them will be for Jetstar, especially their new Jetstar Japan operation and the premium service they plan to set up in Kuala Lumpur (despite vehemently denying one month ago that they had any plans to set up an new entity in Malaysia).
  • VH-OQA, the damaged Qantas A380 that had an uncontained engine failure departing Singapore, is returning to the skies after extensive maintenance.
Steve trying to get Grant's attention

Recording the start of Desk 168 – Steve attempting to get Grant to stop talking about balloons.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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