Episode 166: Grant seeks his credibility while the RAAF orders a 6th C-17

Steve’s looking for Grant who’s out searching for his credibility and trying to recover from the hassling he got from the Geeks last week. You make two little mistakes…

  • As the RAAF received their 5th C-17, they’ve turned around and ordered a 6th one. Woo hoo, that could even increase the odds that the boys might even get a media flight :)
  • Tiger Airways are increasing their flights on existing routes and expanding into new routes.
  • The Delta and Virgin Australia codeshare is going ahead, but what about Virgin Australia pax using Virgin America while over in the USA?
  • Boeing forecasts that the Asia/Pacific region will need over 400,000 additional pilots.

This episode even includes a surprise cameo appearance by another Visscher!

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which feature a *third* Visscher so you can hear who it is via the player below:

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