Episode 164: Memories of Ansett

The boys are out at Coldstream airport for the Mission Aviation Discovery Day recording live with Anthony “The View from the Lounge” Simmons and ATC Ben. Steve’s working on his diet and, despite his growling stomach, the team discuss the great news that Korda Mentha, Ansett’s receivers, have finally managed to get 97% of funds owed to employees paid out some 10 years after the airline collapsed.

It’s taken a while but its great news given they were likely to only get 35% some years back. The team discusses their memories of flying Ansett, the issues the airline faced, some of its history and the events leading up to its demise in September 2011, plus how it was the only airline in the world flying 767s with flight engineers on board thanks to the union. and its history up to its demise in September 2011.

After this discussion, it’s time to pack up the mobile studio and go find somewhere warmer!

The team at Coldstream

Grant, Ben, Anthony & Steve using the mobile studio at Coldstream

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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