Episode 150: Remote ATC and Virgin sneaking a few Qantas senior managers

Steve’s been crook so the boys try to do a quick Australia Desk … well, at least they tried!

  • Airservices Australia are working with SAAB to run a trial Remote Air Traffic Control tower in Alice Springs that will be controlled from Adelaide.
  • Qantas group’s April domestic traffic levels are up but they’re still talking voluntary redudancies to reduce headcount by 300 to 400 people.
  • A few of Qantas’ senior staff have started working at Virgin Australia as John Borghetti is enticing a few of his mates to make the change.

Congrats to the Geeks for getting to 150 episodes and it looks like we’ll get to OzDesk #100 in another couple of episodes. To celebrate, we’re talking about doing a themed episode once again.

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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