Episode 122: Qantas A380 rains engine parts over Indonesia (QF32)

The guys have been caught out by the Australia Desk segment being brought forward to the start of the news so they have to scurry a bit to get ready. As Steve notes, it’s a big news item so no wonder they were brought forward (and no, it’s not the news that Tiger Airways have recorded a profit).

Qantas A380 VH-OQA had a catastrophic engine failure over Indonesia after departing Singapore’s Changi airport on flight QF32 on the way to Sydney. Alan Joyce has fronted the media to explain what’s happened, push the Qantas “Safety First” approach and announce the grounding of all their A380s.

The boys discuss the situation and how Qantas have had three engine failures across all the aircraft types in their fleet during the previous week which raises questions regarding how Qantas are managing their maintenance. It’s noted that the A380 was recently serviced at Lufthansa Technik who also service the A380s and Trent 900s of Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa.

Be sure to check out PCDU Episode 46 for more interviews on this incident, including a discussion with a senior A380 pilot about what the crew could have been experiencing as the engine failed through to their return to Changi.

Qantas A380

Qantas A380 in flight
(Image via Qantas)

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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