Episode 115: The Oprah-Jet

We briefly touch on a few items:

  • Boeing lifts forecasts for aircraft useage in Oceania
  • Victoria will not get a DC10 water bomber next season but will instead get 2 Convair 580s & another Erickson skycrane
  • British Airways may still want to merge with Qantas but Qantas says “No thanks”
  • John Borghetti’s going to fight the US DoT & ACCC decisions and they’re asking for 3 weeks extension to respond – meanwhile Qantas objects to the Etihad alliance

But all of this is small stuff compared to the ‘big’ news:

Qantas are going to fly Oprah and an A380 full of her fans to Australia!

We discuss John Travolta’s involvement and a local comedian’s idea for a “real” welcome to Melbourne.

Meanwhile, in other big news, Richard Branson was in Australia for Virgin Blue’s 10th birthday and had the following to say:

  • He’s upset about the US DoT & ACCC decisions
  • That Virgin Blue may pull out of the trans-tasman market entirely
  • The name Virgin will remain in the brand
  • They’ll continue to undercut Qantas

NOTE: Yes, we stuffed up – we kept referring to Etihad instead of Emirates when talking about airlines flying over the Tasman. DOH! Sorry :(

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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